Sleeping Charm

July 31, 2008 at 2:28 pm 1 comment

My office is 35km away from my residence, and I am fortunate enough to have been provided with an office van, which picks me up and drops me back home on time. Almost everyone, except the driver, usually fall asleep during the 1 hour drive under the AC and curtains, which makes the environment even more suitable for sleeping. One of my colleagues has an ability to sleep even in the most ‘shaky’ circumstances, no matter how fast the vehicle is moving on one of the fastest tracks of Dubai. He would often disappear into his dream land in a fraction of a second, and today I couldn’t stop myself to take his picture:)

I was telling him yesterday that you are a hope and invitee for pick pocketers. He said that once, while sleeping on a bus, his head kept falling on an old man’s shoulder, and got a warning from that old man in a rather harsh voice: ” DON’T SLEEP HERE, GO HOME AND SLEEP”. I can not imagine how he fought over his ‘sleep’ as a Gladiator until he reached his destination.


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  • 1. nadia  |  July 31, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    Hehe, I do believe that some people fall asleep as soon as there is a rocking sensation, like a moving vehicle. And like that old man he sat with at the bus, I too would hate someone (specifically a stranger) falling asleep over my shoulder!

    I also believe they make dangerous drivers.


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